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Language Options

There is a concept of language resource files. You will notice them in the lang/ folder. Please open a ticket if you would like to contribute to translating to another language.

You can also override any of the language prompts in the config.php file.

For example, say you wanted to still use English, but change the "city or county" prompt to say, "city or suburb". You would do the following in config.php:

static $override_city_or_county = "city or suburb";

You can see the full listing in the lang/en-US.php which always has the full latest listing of the voice prompts.

You can also change the spoken language accent. There is a wide variety. See the Twilio documentation for more details: There are also some additional voices available here as well

An example would be using an Australian English Accent. Set your config.php to:

static $voice = "alice";
static $language = "en-AU";

Language Call Routing

You can also create a language selection menu upon dialing in. It will only be available for those that there are resource files for in lang/ folder. If you have some translations, please send them, so they can be merged in.

Add a new setting called, specifying the language codes for each language you want included. The order will indicate the order in which it will be played back:

static $language_selections = "en-US,pig-latin";

This example will make option 1, English and option 2, pig latin.

Mixing languages and voices

Voices can be configured for every language option. For example for Spanish:

es_US_voice = "Polly.Penelope";

New Yap 3.0 If you want to route calls to volunteers by language, see the section on Language in Specialized Routing.